WingArc supports companies and organisations in their efforts to make effective use of information.

We offer software and services that enable customers to effectively use and obtain strategic insights from their data.

WingArc makes every effort to provide comprehensive customer-focused services that address the unique needs of our customers and accelerate their business.

Our core products SVF (Enterprise Output Management), Dr.Sum EA/MotionBoard (Business Intelligence) and VyNDEX (CRM) have high shares in the Japanese market. These solutions help make better use of information, enabling you to reach decisions on what matters at the time it matters.

Space-Time Research

While organisations collect vast amounts of data, its value lies in exploring the contents to discover valuable insights. Space-Time Research is the expert in unlocking those insights, helping governments and businesses around the world to make better supported decisions, more quickly.

Originating in Australia, STR has specialised for 30 years in developing software tools and solutions for many of the world’s leading statistical organisations, government agencies and commercial enterprises. We change the way people explore, build and share information, making the process simple, secure and rich in meaningful insights.

Our SuperSTAR suite of tools contain a wealth of embedded features that enable users with no coding or programming expertise to explore data, creating and sharing an impressive range of visualisations effortlessly. Confidentialisation through data perturbation gives the peace of mind that private or identifying information is protected without compromising on accurate results. Field level security gives readily managed access according to need. Our survey support makes it possible to research, understand and share results, whether specific business research or huge census data volumes.

STR helps customers get the most from the entire data lifecycle, from collection and processing through to exploration, sharing and review. Following international standard statistical processes, we ensure utmost efficiency and compliance so that organisations can extract maximum value from their data assets.

For ease of sharing, whether between departments or with outside organisations, our software tools support preferred statistical data and metadata transfer standards  such as SDMX and DDI.

Contact us and discover why organisations such as the Department of Work and Pensions (UK), Australian Bureau of Statistics, and Statistics South Africa choose Space-Time Research to share smart insights from their data.