Meet the Team

Steven Hulse, Chief Executive Officer

Steven is a seasoned executive with over 25+ years of experience in technology products and services with customer oriented-companies ranging in size from specialised software organizations to large multi-national corporations. He has extensive experience working in the Business Intelligence and Analytics marketplace working for Oracle, IBM and SingTel. holding senior management and technical roles.

Steven's track record includes creating and bringing new products & services to market and the management and implementation of information technology solutions to address challenges in the Government and Private Sector.

Steven received a B.Sc. and Dip Ed from the University of New England and has attended several executive management programs.

Indrani Tharmanason, Chief Financial Officer

Indrani has more than twenty years' experience as chief financial officer of internationally focussed high-growth technology businesses such as ManageSoft Corporation and Ceram Polymerik. Indrani worked closely with their boards creating strategic plans and business plans to support the direction, initiatives, and execution as well as a number of successful capital raisings both locally and with international investors.

Prior to that, Indrani worked in top tier chartered accounting firms for eight years, including Ernst & Young and KPMG.  Indrani is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, and holds degrees in Commerce and Computer Science from Melbourne University.

Masaaki Hayakawa, Managing Director

Masaaki is a results-oriented cross-cultural global business development director with over 15 years' leadership experience in the enterprise software industry. Masaaki has a proven track record of leading and localising/globalising over 10 software and service Go-to-Market launches across Europe, Japan, China, South East Asia, and Oceania. He specialises in developing and executing global growth strategy and post merger integrations.

Prior to joining WingArc1st in 2011, Masaaki held a number of senior business development roles at organisations such as SAP and Unisys. He has an MBA from Bocconi University and a BA in Policy management from Keio University.