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General – Get running faster, keep running easier


Installer Revamp

A suite for every occasion.

We have created a brand new suite installer to make it much easier to install all the components of the SuperSTAR family. The suite installer is a single process that installs SuperCHANNEL, SuperSERVER, SuperADMIN, SuperCROSS and SuperWEB2.

We have also provided sample data, quick start guides and tutorial videos, so you can easily verify that everything has been installed correctly and works.


Documentation re-imagined

Documentation focusing on solutions.

In response to customer feedback, we have begun a major documentation initiative.

We want to make it easier than ever to configure and use our products. Our new documentation includes detailed guides that walk you through the installation and setup process, as well as a series of “how to” guides that cover typical configuration scenarios.

We are continuing to work on improving our documentation and recently launched our new online documentation portal.

We will be delivering regular updates to our online portal to give you the information you need to get the most out of our products.

Check out the new documentation today at

SuperWEB2 – Simpler, richer and more integrated


Simpler Navigation

Finding datasets couldn’t be simpler.

We have dramatically improved the main database selection page.

You can now define a folder structure to organise your databases, and this will be displayed in SuperWEB2. Any user saved tables will automatically appear in the hierarchy beneath their associated database.

You can easily add your own descriptive text and other information about your databases simply by creating HTML pages.


Richer Queries: Ranges

Custom or Quantile? Ranges can break that down for you.

SuperWEB2 now supports ranges for continuous variables. Users can either define their own ranges by choosing the From and To values, or they can pick one of the automatic ranges by selecting the quantile they are interested in.


Richer Queries: Statistical Functions

Statistical functions continue to bring desktop power to the web.

SuperWEB2 can now produce tables containing the sum, mean, or median of one or more continuous variables. This is completely at the administrator’s digression.


Deeper Integration

SuperVIEW and SuperWEB2 – Joined at the hip.

In this release we have improved the integration between SuperVIEW and SuperWEB2. You can now launch SuperWEB2 directly from a SuperVIEW visualisation, immediately giving you access to an editable version of the visualisation’s cross-tabulation table.

SuperCROSS – Metadata authoring, streamlined security


Metadata authoring

SuperCROSS has made adding metadata to SDMX a cinch.

SuperCROSS can now open SDMX tables and cross tabulate this data. In addition to this, we have made it easy for users to save metadata information for tables (datasets) and other items in SDMX format (including recodes, field derivations, summation options and user defined fields).

All table types that can be created in SuperCROSS can be exported in SDMX 2.0 generic data format with custom metadata for both recodes and tables.


Streamlined Security

One password to rule them all, Single-Sign On for SuperCROSS.

SuperCROSS now supports single sign-on through the Kerberos protocol.

That means you can allow your users to sign on automatically using their Windows credentials, without having to re-enter their username and password in SuperCROSS.

SuperSERVER & SuperCHANNEL – Rock-hard disclosure control in every language


Rock-hard disclosure control

Your income has never been safer. Continuous Variable disclosure control protects more than ever before.

Maintaining the confidentiality of information about individuals or organisations, or protecting privacy, is becoming increasingly important in both business and government. At the same time, it is important to maintain as much information content as possible in distributed data.

Perturbation is a technique that adjusts cell values by small amounts to avoid revealing confidential information. Previously, SuperSTAR only supported perturbation for discrete variables (such as a count). In this release we have added support for perturbation of continuous variables, such as income or profit.

The continuous variable perturbation algorithm can operate on both weighted and unweighted databases.


Every language counts

Does ISO 8859-1 mean anything to you? Now it doesn’t need to.

SuperSERVER, SuperADMIN, SuperCROSS and SuperWEB2 now support SXV4 databases built using encodings other than ISO 8859-1. This means you can use databases with fields and classification labels written in Arabic, Cyrillic and other non-Western European languages.