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MotionBoard: Next Generation Business Intelligence

Experience Data Empowerment with MotionBoard, a next generation BI dashboard. Now anyone in your organisation can uncover insights and make better business decisions.

MotionBoard features flexible and powerful analytical functions that bring all your data into one place, enabling users to understand their business situations intuitively. MotionBoard serves as a tool that can bridge the art and science of business, so you can make relevant and speedy business decisions.

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Dr.Sum EA: Give Data Meaning

Dr.Sum EA is a database engine designed to optimise integration and aggregation of data. Numbers create value, but only when they are presented in a way that people wish to view.

Speed of data processing is also critical to prevent operations from slowing down and keep the insights coming.

Dr.Sum helps managers, field staff and data analysts use the organisation’s data and turn those numbers into action.

SVF Cloud: Enterprise Output Management

SVF is the complete Enterprise Output Management system for your business.

With SVF you can manage all your business forms and documents with ease. SVF transforms silos of document management into an integrated output system, allowing you to significantly reduce maintenance time and the costs associated with document operations.

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