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23 June 2014

Space-Time Research is pleased to announce that our 9.0 General Availability (9.0GA) Release of our SuperSTAR Suite will be released in October 2014.

As one of our valued customers, we want to take the opportunity to inform you about our new features and enhancements that make our software safer, easier and faster. This includes improvements to performance and usability, new features that help you find the insights in your data by focussing on what’s important, a new performance monitoring component, enhanced support for multiple languages and much, much more. For a more detailed explanation about what’s new in each component of the SuperSTAR Suite, please click here.

One of the new features we are implementing in SuperCROSS, our desktop data analytics product, is ColourMatrix. This feature offers a simple visual way to identify and quantify correlations and associations in your data, backed up by robust and established statistical methodologies. This feature completely replaces ColourVIEW, which is no longer being supported by Space-Time Research. We have previously advised customers of the planned replacement, and solicited feedback, which was used to direct the development of ColourMatrix. This notice serves as written notification that with effect 31 December 2014, ColourVIEW is no longer licensed by Space-Time Research, and your license entitlement to ColourVIEW is replaced with a license entitlement to ColourMatrix.

Our standard Space-Time Research support arrangements cover the two most recent general releases, and so, we encourage customers to commence planning their migration to the latest SuperSTAR version and maximise value from their investment in our product suite. Unless, you have extended support arrangements with Space-Time Research, this letter serves as written notification that any versions prior to 8.0GA will not be supported by Space-Time Research with effect 31 December 2014 (if this presents a problem, we urge you to contact us immediately).

We will be contacting you shortly to discuss your migration plans. In the meantime, if you have queries, or require assistance in migrating to the latest version, please get in touch with us at to discuss your requirements.