Organisations around the world use Space-Time Research software to share their data safely and securely.

With our self-service data discovery tools and world class privacy protection, exploring, visualising and analysing data has never been easier, safer or more elegant.

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Self-Service Analytics

With our self-service data discovery tools you don’t need to be an expert to explore data.

We empower users to ask and answer their own questions. All they need to do is drag and drop the variables they are interested in and our tools do the rest.

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Open Data

Our tools can share and disseminate data to any audience you need to reach.

Say goodbye to outdated spreadsheets that are hard to use. And you don’t need a dedicated team responding to ad hoc queries. We help you open your data to everyone.

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Privacy & Confidentiality

In the era of Open Data, you need to release your data safely and securely while maintaining its usefulness.

Our world-class confidentiality algorithms automatically apply statistical disclosure control to address privacy concerns without compromising flexibility or data utility.

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